Campaign Issues


1. Freedom is our Birthright.
2.The purpose of government is to protect our freedom.
3.Our freedoms have been curtailed and continue to be under assault, both at the federal and state level
4.I will work to protect our freedoms.


Every tax dollar collected reduces the personal freedom of the taxpayer.

Let me repeat that—every tax dollar collected reduces the personal freedom of the taxpayer. When that dollar is in the taxpayer’s hand, he can do whatever he chooses with that dollar. He can use it to purchase something, can put it towards savings, or can give to charity. Once that dollar is paid to the tax collector, the taxpayer no longer has direct say over how that dollar is spent.

There are a couple natural corollaries that follow from this concept of taxes limiting freedom.

In order to optimize individual freedom, taxes should be kept to the minimum possible to carry out essential government functions.

Government should be a bare bones operation, not the bloated monstrosity of bureaucracy that it has become. The federal government has assumed missions that more rightfully belong at the State or local level or don’t belong in government at all. Those functions should be defederalized.

Taxes should be regarded as a sacred trust. Our elected officials, acting as stewards over those funds, should be cognizant of the sacrifices that are made in paying those taxes. There needs to greater accountability for the funds that are spent. Deficit spending is a repudiation of that stewardship. Another repudiation is fraud, waste and abuse, which constitute one of the top ten “expenditures” in the government. This is unacceptable.

Our elected officials should be looking for ways to cut taxes. Instead they are constantly seeking new ways to spend taxpayer funds. They regard the taxpayers as an unending source for home district pork or for their pet project.

Perhaps the most egregious examples are the thinly veiled efforts by some politicians to buy votes with other peoples’ money.

Trying to buy the African American vote with talks of “reparations”. Reparations are patently unfair. Slavery was an egregious sin but no one should be held responsible for the sins committed by another more than 150 years ago.

Trying to buy the student vote with promises of “free tuition”. Free tuition preferentially benefits whites and preferentially benefits children of the rich and middle class.

Trying to buy the working class vote with promises to “make the rich pay their fair share.” With a top tax bracket currently sitting at 37%, I’m not sure what they consider a “fair share” but when you are taking away more than a third of an individual’s freedom, I argue that those taxpayers are already paying more than “their fair share”.

In each of these cases, the politicians making these promises are willing to limit the freedom of a subsection of taxpayers for political gain.

An ideal government is small, limits taxes, avoids debt, and appropriately manages the funds collected.

The Economy

American Exceptionalism

Health Care Reform

Health care reform should:

  • Give patients more control over medical decisions.
  • Give patients more flexibility in choosing the type of coverage that fits their needs.
  • Decrease patient costs.
  • Continue to provide protections for those with pre-existing conditions.
  • Return control of Medicare funds to the States.

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Second Amendment

A few years ago, my wife and I visited Scotland. Towards the end of the trip we stayed at a bed and breakfast outside Inverness. The host loved talking politics. Our trip occurred shortly after some mass shooting here in the States and he brought up the subject. He expressed disbelief that Americans were unwilling to give up their guns, like the Brits had done, in order to prevent future such incidents

We parried back and forth for a few minutes about gun ownership, gun rights and gun responsibilities. For every argument I brought forward, he had a counterargument–except one. I said that the real purpose of the second amendment is to protect Americans from our own government. That stopped him cold. He thought about it for a minute, then said, “That’s actually a good reason”.

Each and every Senator and each and every Representative has taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution. The last time I checked, the second amendment was still part of the Constitution.

Hold on…

Yep, I just checked again and it’s still there.

Don’t you think it’s time for Senators and Representatives to affirm the Constitution, including the second amendment, instead of trying to tear it to shreds? The second amendment should not cause them any concerns…unless, of course, they have nefarious plans to subjugate American Citizens.