Health Care

Give patients more control over medical decisions.

Give patients more flexibility in choosing the type of coverage that fits their needs.

Decrease patient costs

Continue to provide protections for those with pre-existing conditions

Return control of Medicare funds to the States

The person who controls the purse strings is the one who makes the decisions. Ideally the patient should be making health care decisions, in consultation with his or her healthcare team. This means that, ideally, the patient should have control of the purse strings.

Right now, control of the purse strings is in the hands of an insurance bureaucrat. Because of this, we have to deal with prior authorizations, denials and appeals.

The Democrats claim that they can improve on the current health system through a single payer plan but this would only mean that the bureaucrat would work for the government rather than the insurance company.

Single Payer is the opposite of what we truly need, which is to return control of health care decisions to the individual. There is an alternative to Single Payer that would do just that. It is called “The Health Care Choices Proposal” put forth by the Health Policy Consensus Group. The Health Care Choices Proposal will increase choices, expand patient freedom, and lower costs by 1/3rd.

More information about the Health Care Choices Proposal can be found here: