1. Freedom is our Birthright.
  2. The purpose of government is to protect our freedom.
  3. Our freedoms have been curtailed and continue to be under assault, both at the federal and state level.

When I am asked why I am running for Congress, my one word answer is, “Freedom”. Our country was founded on the principle that the primary function of government is to protect the freedom of its citizens. From the first battles of the Revolutionary war, fought at Concord and Lexington, to the battles that continue across the seas, men have fought, bled and died defending that freedom.

And yet, much of what happens in government diminishes the freedom of our citizens. Whether it be high taxes, excessive regulations, or bureaucratic bloat, our freedoms are slowly being whittled away.

Freedom is not free. My personal experiences in both Afghanistan and Iraq have seared this statement into my soul. I have seen the broken bodies, I have comforted the troubled spirits, I have knelt far too many times before a pair of empty boots. I cannot stand idly by, watching our freedoms slowly be reduced, bit by bit by bit. When one of comrades fall, we do not give up–we close ranks and continue fighting. To do less than that would be to dishonor the sacrifice that these men and women have made. I stand for freedom.